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Passion for Sanskrit & Bible is envisioned as a forum for Christian literature in Sanskrit language. Primarily, it strives to revive Sanskrit Bible and use it as a tool to learn Sanskrit language.

Apart from the Sanskrit Bible that is made available in 22 different scripts, we also intent to bring back to life a plethora of Christian literary works in Sanskrit that were authored by the likes of William Mill, James Ballantyne, K. V. Simon, Yustus Joseph, etc. to name a few.

सत्यत्वं ज्ञा। सत्यत्वां मोक्षष्यसी॥
॥ satyatvaṁ jñā। satyatvāṁ mokṣaṣyasi ॥

You shall know the Truth; the Truth shall set you free.
-Lord Jesus Christ-

This site is a humble endeavour towards this great Promise.


Easy to Read & Compare

The New Testament portion of Sanskrit Bible is freely available in searchable HTML format. Options are there to view and download each chapter; even along with in-line Bible translations in various other languages. You could also view the Sanskrit text in any of the 22 different scripts (like Devanagari, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, etc).

The Old Testament portion is available as scanned PDF files which could be searched Book and Chapter wise. Parallel Bible translations in various other languages are also provided.

१योहनः ४:८ (1John 4:8)

San.Dev यः प्रेम न करोति स ईश्वरं न जानाति यत ईश्वरः प्रेमस्वरूपः।
San.Eng yaḥ prema na karoti sa īśvaraṁ na jānāti yata īśvaraḥ premasvarūpaḥ|
San.Mal യഃ പ്രേമ ന കരോതി സ ഈശ്വരം ന ജാനാതി യത ഈശ്വരഃ പ്രേമസ്വരൂപഃ|
Bib.Eng He that loves not knows not God; for God is love.
Bib.Hin जो प्रेम नहीं रखता, वह परमेश्वर को नहीं जानता है, क्योंकि परमेश्वर प्रेम है।
Bib.Mal സ്നേഹിക്കാത്തവൻ ദൈവത്തെ അറിഞ്ഞിട്ടില്ല; ദൈവം സ്നേഹം തന്നേ.


Simple Sanskrit Tutorial

This tutorial would give you an overview of Sanskrit; just enough to read and understand Sanskrit. The primary objective of the tutorial is to comprehend Holy Bible in Sanskrit language. Hence it is organized in such a way as to make the language concepts used in the Holy Bible clear to the reader in a simplified manner.

As a supplementary tool to this tutorial, we have a detailed section on the Gospel of John with the sandhi-split verse, a word-by-word meaning section and the audio clip attached to each verse.

Learning Sanskrit via Holy Bible could also open the doors to a vast selection of Sanskrit literature: religious and secular.

योहनः १:१ (John 1:1)

Verse आदौ वाद आसीत् स च वाद ईश्वरेण सार्धमासीत् स वादः स्वयमीश्वर एव।
Split आदौ वादः आसीत् स च वादः ईश्वरेण सार्द्धं आसीत् स वादः स्वयं ईश्वरः एव।
आदौin the beginningn.m.s6nआदिആദിയില്‍
ईश्वरेणwith God; from Godn.m.s3nईश्वरദൈവത്തോടു, ദൈവത്തില്‍നിന്നു
स्वयंby oneselfindnaस्वयंതാന്‍തന്നെ
ईश्वरःGodn.m.s1nईश्वरःദൈവം, ഈശ്വരന്‍
B.Eng In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


FREE Christian Literature

We bring to you an assortment of various Christian Literature for your free and fair usage, as: mobile apps, e-books, PDFs and more…

Sanskrit Bible (NT) is freely available in 22 different scripts of your choice! (like Devanagari, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, etc). Sanskrit language don’t have a native script as such and thus could be written in any script; there is no peculiarity to any particular script!

Apart from Sanskrit Bible in 22 different scripts, we also have an archive of Bibles in various Indian languages and some English translations as well for your free and fair use.

Read the Word; Spread the Word.

Sanskrit Bible in many scripts.

satyavedaḥ| (IAST)ସତ୍ୟବେଦଃ| (Oriya)
satyavēdaḥ| (ISO)ਸਤ੍ਯਵੇਦਃ| (Punjabi)
satyavedaH| (ITRANS)ஸத்யவேத³​:| (Tamil)
satyavedaH| (Harvard-Kyoto)సత్యవేదః| (Telugu)
সত্যৱেদঃ| (Assamese)သတျဝေဒး၊ (Burmese)
সত্যবেদঃ| (Bengali)សត្យវេទះ។ (Cambodian)
सत्यवेदः। (Devanagari)සත්‍යවේදඃ| (Sinhala)
સત્યવેદઃ| (Gujarati)สตฺยเวท:ฯ (Thai)
ಸತ್ಯವೇದಃ| (Kannada)སཏྱཝེདཿ། (Tibetan)
സത്യവേദഃ| (Malayalam)سَتْیَویدَح۔ (Urdu)


A Brief on Sanskrit Bible

The history of Sanskrit starts many millennia ago. The history of Bible too starts many millennia back.

Though the Gospel of Christ had found shores on Indian coast in the very first century itself, it was only around the late 1700’s that Sanskrit and Bible met. Thanks to the cobbler turned missionary turned academician William Carey, who took an interest towards this venture. By 1808, we had our first Sanskrit Bible published.

After many vetting and revisions, by 1851 the Calcutta Baptist Missionaries could publish an academically and theologically acclaimed version of the Sanskrit Bible. It is this version that we are using here in

New Testament Scan

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